Our small “wellness Corner” lets guests enter a world full of diffused fragrances where they can enjoy a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere that invites guests to pamper themselves by relaxing with the personalized services that the highly trained staff can offer.

The wellness area offers relaxing massages, and other beauty treatments.

 Beauty à la carte

Relaxing massage

Decontracting massage

Lymph drainage massage

Ice Massage

Dry brushing Massage & Essential Oils

Fruit Massage

€ 90,00 for 60 mn

€ 60,00 for 30 mn


Gel hands/foot
Semiperm. hands/foot

Our rituals

Basil rituals

Rosemary rituals

Cranial and cervical rituals

€ 90,00 for 60 mn

€ 60,00 for 30 mn

Foot ritual

30 mn € 50

Face treatment

from € 75

Special offers